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Whether you do an ad, an app, a commercial, a direct mail, an email, a website, sell, rent or influence… in today’s world you need to use every single connection (digital or physical) with your brand to create a meaningful relationship with the consumers. Additionally from first sight up to an endlessly lasting relationship, entertain these relationships.

To do this, the magic of our business lies in the fact that we constantly need to balance our judgement between rational and emotional facts. We have to find the right balance, be well informed and surrounded by experts because we need to evaluate the right ratio between technology and human insight in everything we do. Branding & Data is a reflection of this challenge. Mixing Branding & Data experts is a strong guarantee that human insights are based on true facts, that creativity is based on data proven insights and that the results of the newly established relationship are transformed into ROI based actions. These actions will entertain an on-going exchange between your brand and consumers.

In other words, communication that is made for the human brains, as balanced and sophisticated as this marvellous tool is! Meaningful, targeted, entertaining and ROI based communication.

Our Services

At Beejee, we do believe quality is more important than quantity in delivering great insights, ideas and bespoken technology in order to create relationship & entertain them.

We also prefer to invest in senior profiles and guarantee a senior advices while execution on project base can also be delivered through long term partnership with specialized third parties.

This way to deliver service is what we call the “boutique” style, delivering bespoke advices and building a strong relationship with our clients by establishing frequent touch points (weekly meetings) in order to get to know each other, listen and generate pro active co created campaigns with ROI in mind. We can do so for advertisers who do accept to pay for “room service” because they see and respect the added value through the service we can bring them by our outsiders view and more than 100 years of combined experts experience.

We believe we can create goodwill for your company by doing so.

Some of our core competences:

  • Company or brand audits to establish communication briefing
  • Strategic & Creative planning
  • Strategic management
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Data strategy and technology guidance
  • Account Management
  • Creative developments
  • AV, Print & Online Production
  • Campaign management
  • Art buying and management
  • Technical audit and coaching for (on going or new) CRM programs
  • Social media content
  • Coordination with media agencies
  • Campaign reporting
  • Data base management and brokering
  • Data cleansing, mining.